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Public Info Meeting: Draft Plans of Subdivision Applications – Ontario Infrastructure and Land Corporation Seaton Community

Information Report No. 06-15
Draft Plans of Subdivision Applications SP-2015-01, SP 2015-03, SP-2015-04; SP-2015~05, SP-2015-06
Zoning By-law Amendment Applications A 2/15, A 5/15, A 8/15, A 10/15 and A 11/15
Ontario Infrastructure and Land Corporation Seaton Community


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Planning & Development Committee Meeting Minutes Monday, October 5, 2015

A public information meeting was held under the Planning Act, for the purpose of informing the public with respect to the above-noted application.

Ross Pym, Principal Planner, Strategic Initiatives, with the aid of a power point presentation, provided an outline of Information Report 06-15...

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NEWSTALK 1010AM Interview with Rob Quiq

Whitevale resident Rob Quiq spoke on-air this morning about the need for a pedestrian bridge in Whitevale.

Right click the link below and select “save link as” to download the interview.

NEWSTALK 1010 Interview with Rob Quiq

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Whitevale Bridge – Bridge Replacement Construction Contract

Project: Whitevale Bridge Replacement (T-8-2014)

Award: Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd. in the total tendered amount of $2,049,712.40 (HST included)


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Whitevale Pedestrian Bridge – Joe Dickson Letter

Letter from Joe Dickson regarding possible pedestrian bridge in Whitevale.

Click here for the letter

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Brock Rd / Hwy 407 Interchange

Click here to see the new Brock Rd / Hwy 407 interchange currently under construction.

It shows the re-alignment of roads due to the 407 extension, and the Brougham by-pass.

You can see the new roadway currently being constructed on the northeast field of Whitevale Road and Brock Rd.

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Whitevale Transportation Mitigation Study (Sept 2013)

The Hamlet of Whitevale  Revised Transportation Mitigation Study (Sept 2013) is available for download, please click the link below:


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OMB Update: Hearings Postponed

The OMB Hearings started again on Monday, however after 2 hours of the hearings, they were postponed to allow for further negotiations.   They’ve allowed for negotiations to reduce the number of issues for the remainder of this week.  The OMB Hearing will re-convene at 10:00 Monday June 3rd in Council Chambers.

Attached below are the Witness Statements I emailed you about earlier:


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Whitevale Bridge – Letters to Heritage Pickering Committee

See the attached letters from the WDRA to the Heritage Pickering Advisory Committee

Pedestrian Bridge Letter

WDRA Letter To HeritageCommittee

Note: the Heritage Pickering Advisory Committee will be meeting on Thursday May 23 to discuss the Heritage Permit Application for the replacement design of the Whitevale Bridge.


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OMB: Next Phase – May 27, 2013

Seaton Development

Seaton Development

I’ll try and give you a quick explanation on how the OMB works for the upcoming May 27th 2013 start…

All parties to the OMB submit their Issues list concerning the items coming up in the hearing, in this case we are addressing;

  1. Fiscal Impact to the City of Pickering, Region of Durham and residents of Pickering and Durham… This one should be a big concern to all the taxpayers in Durham/Pickering…  
  2. Heritage (we lost on Heritage issues in our buffer zone in the last phase) this one deals with the Heritage lots and the corridor road and how they are going to be protected from Seaton, and…
  3. Staged Servicing and Implementation Strategy (SSIS) or traffic… This one is a big concern for Whitevale… How are we going to control construction and new Seaton residents...
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Portrait on the Bridge – May 18, 2013 @ NOON

From Gord Willson and Donna Bailey:

“The ‘Village Portrait on the Bridge’ to promote Spring Festival is a way to gain greater attendance at our annual event and it is the foundation of the idea that we must gain greater public support. On 25 May, we all become ambassadors of the village for survival.”

Please join us on the bridge – May 18 at noon for the portrait.  See the attached image below for more details.
Village Portrait II

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