Whitevale Bridge – EA & Detailed Design Contract

Project: Consulting Services to Undertake a Class Environmental Assessment and Detail Design for the Replacement of the Whitevale Bridge (RFP-1-2010)

Award: SRM Associates  for $400,285 (HST included)

Project Background:  In July of 2008 the Hamlet of Whitevale experienced a severe rain storm which caused erosion to the banks around the existing bridge structure.  The consulting firm of AECOM was hired to inspect the damage and make recommendations for the repairs.  It was determined at that time that a temporary repair was required for the North West abutment of the structure.  In the fall of 2008 a
contractor was hired to install a steel H beam support for the abutment.  The erosion repairs to the existing banks were carried out by City Operations staff.  In 2009 funds were budgeted in the Roads Capital Account to hire a consultant for the Detail design to rehabilitate the existing bridge deck. However, this assignment was not initiated and the funds were carried over to 2010.  In March 2010 Engineering Services initiated the City wide Municipal Structure inspections awarded to Keystone Bridge Management Corporation.  The City was advised recently by Keystone that the Whitevale Bridge was in extremely poor condition and should be restricted to one lane of traffic and that the load posted should be reduced to 10 tonnes immediately.  Keystone also recommended that the bridge be replaced rather than rehabilitated due to shear cracks in the existing abutments.