Whitevale Bridge – Replacement Recommendations

From the Project File Report: Whitevale Bridge Replacement – Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (December 2011)


The following alternative solutions were considered for this project:

A. Do Nothing – no change to the bridge or current operation of the road.
B. Restrictive Signing/Traffic Diversion – re-direct traffic to adjoining roads and restrict loads on bridge.
C. Removal of Bridge.
D. Bridge Replacement 1 Lane – replacement of the two lane bridge with a one lane structure.
E. Bridge Replacement 2 Lanes – replacement of the two lane bridge with a new two lane structure.

Each of the alternatives was evaluated on the basis of how well the identified problems and opportunities could be addressed. The evaluation of the alternative solutions was presented to the public and review agencies for comment and input.


Alternative E – Bridge Replacement 2 Lanes (13.6m wide x 36m long) was considered to be the best solution to address natural, social and cultural environment issues by maintaining the viability of the road as an important link and focal point for the community. The project would be constructed according to current bridge code standards, resulting in the introduction of horizontal clearancelrecovery zones for improved pedestrian and vehicular safety, and the addition of a sidewalk on the north side of the bridge for improved pedestrian safety. The bridge structure would be 13.6m wide, 5m wider than the existing structure and be constructed with a minimally longer span (4m) of the West Duffins Creek. Extension of the bridge span by 4m would result in improvements to terrestrial passage adjacent to the west abutment of the bridge would result in improvements to terrestrial passage adjacent to the west abutment of the bridge.

The structure would be designed with sensitivity to the heritage elements of the bridge and surrounding heritage district by incorporating, where feasible, design elements from the existing bridge, in keeping with the heritage setting.

After considering comments received at and subsequent to the Public Information Centre where comments ranged from ‘replace the two lane bridge with a two lane bridge’ to ‘replace the two lane bridge with a one lane bridge’, and in addition to concerns raised regarding the scale of the bridge, increased traffic and impacts of surrounding area developments on the traffic flow, the City undertook a review of the preliminary preferred solution. The review resulted in the recommendation of a revised preferred solution which would see the existing two lane (8.6m wide x 32m long) bridge replaced with a two lane (11.5m wide x 36m long) bridge.