2018 Whitevale Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Whitevale Easter Egg hunt was again enjoyed by all. From the hand-crafted baskets to the community-made chocolate eggs, the activities spanned the entire week culminating in the big hunt at the park. The festivities started the Sunday before where the children and their parents gathered at the community centre to create their baskets – there are clearly some very creative minds developing in our village. Later in the week, folks (young and not so-young) gathered at the community centre once again to whip together a mix of butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and chocolate to create the much sought after treats. It was a terrific opportunity for the next generation to learn the traditional way to make the these old-time favourites.

Finally the day of the hunt! Although the morning was brisk, more than 50 folks participated. Held off at the starting line until given the go-ahead, the kids clamoured in excitement. Once released they scrambled through the park in the quest to find the colour coded plastic eggs, these eggs where then traded in for the coveted confection.

The tradition of memories continues….

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