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Whitevale Master Drainage Plan

The Whitevale Master Drainage Plan can be found below.  We have 30 days to respond; anyone can respond.

The report file is very large and has been broken down into smaller sections for downloading.


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Whitevale Master Drainage Plan – Recommendations

The recommended Master Drainage Plan for the Study Area consists of a combination of improvement measures to address flooding, erosion and water quality issues. This section outlines the elements of the Master Drainage Plan and the process for their implementation.

Elements of the Master Plan

The elements of the Master Plan include the measures selected as described in Section 5 as well as a list of additional recommendations. These elements are summarized below and the corresponding MEA Class EA Schedule, if applicable, is also included.

Whitevale Road (East) – Alternative # 2 Rural Reconstruction
This alternative will replace the existing road with a new paved rural cross-section and grass ditches, similar to the current road width...

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