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Response to Bill 66: Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act

Duffins Rouge Agricultural PreserveBill 66 could be a major threat to the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve

Legislation is currently in development that could be a major threat to the Rouge-Duffins Agricultural Preserve.

Why should we care? Because half of Whitevale is located within the Preserve.

For those of you not familiar with the Preserve, it is bounded by Hwy 7 to the north, the CP Rail line to the south, The Rouge River to the west, and the West Duffin Creek to the east.

Bill 66 titled, “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act” has many different aspects to it, including allowing municipalities the ability to create by-laws which can lead the way to development within the greenbelt – including the Preserve.

There are a number of online resources that provide an overview of what Bill 66 is about and what it co...

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Meeting Summary – Private Water Well Monitoring Program

On Wednesday, July 6, 2016, Whitevale residents gathered to listen to a presentation by representatives of WSP Consulting and the Region of Durham on the subject of the Durham Private Water Well Monitoring Program for Whitevale.

There was great discussion and the majority of the residents’ questions were addressed through the presentation.  Click here to download the presentation slides.

Below are a few key highlights of the presentation:

Private Water Well Monitoring Program

The program is being conducted to determine impacts to private well water in the hamlet as a result of construction of regional ‘spine’ services only (water/sanitary/storm and road construction).  This survey is not related to ongoing impacts from all other Seaton construction (i.e...

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Whitevale Groundwater Supply Well Survey – Questions for WSP / Region of Durham

Whitevale Groundwater Supply Well Survey
Questions for WSP / Region of Durham

Download the questions below:


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Ground Water Supply Survey

By now all households should have been contacted by a representative from WSP regarding the testing of Hamlet wells in order to establish a “pre-Seaton” baseline in terms of quantity and quality.

View Survey

The WSP representative has agreed to meet with residents on July 6, 8:00 pm at the Whitevale Community Centre in order to answer our questions so that we can all make an informed decision prior to agreeing to take part. In preparation for the meeting with the consultant/Region, the Water Preservation Committee is working to develop a list of questions to be addressed by WSP/Durham Region. This list of questions will be provided to the consultant in advance of the July 6th meeting with them.
Groundwater Resources
Below are some useful references related to well water quality and qu...
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Environmental Assessments for the Demolition of Heritage Structures in Seaton

City Development, Report PLN 10-15
Infrastructure Ontario
Class B Environmental Assessments for the Demolition of Structures Located in the Seaton Urban Area and the Hamlet of Whitevale



Download Report

Executive Summary:

Infrastructure Ontario is undertaking two different Class B Environmental Assessments for the demolition of buildings located on 20 properties in the Seaton Urban Area and the Hamlet of Whitevale. Infrastructure Ontario has retained environmental consultants ECOH and DST to gather background information on the properties including the heritage status of the properties.

The City retained qualified heritage consultants Christopher Borgal of Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd...

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