46th Annual Whitevale Spring Festival

Welcome to the 46th Annual Whitevale Spring Festival

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 from 8 am to 6 pm

~~ Enjoy A Family Day in the Country! ~~

We invite you to help us celebrate our Village in the Valley on historic Whitevale Road. Come and revel with us in our abundant natural and cultural heritage. Share glimpses of vintage Ontario living.

Our Community-wide Garage Sale kicks off at 8 am in the Church Yard with vintage finds for the early birds.

Also for early risers… follow the wonderful aroma of freshly baked goodies to our legendary Bake Sale in the centre of town featuring our villagers’ homemade pastries, pies, cakes and breads. The most delectable goodies go first so come early!

The Church Yard is the site of events throughout the day. The Souvlaki Gourmet will once again be in operation, offering delectable Greek specialties along with burgers and dogs. Enjoy tea and goodies in the Tea Garden in the west side yard.

Craft displays by our local artists will be on view throughout the village. Find a favourite title at our well-stocked Book Fair. Drop in to our Whitevale Arts and Culture Centre.

Down at Whitevale Park a whole world of activities await visitors of all ages.

Local musicians will be featured throughout the day on our Festival Stage. At our Hospitality Beer Garden you can quench your thirst with beer and wine. Vendors will be offering a wide assortment of crafts and food items for sale in the Park. Children can join us for Games in the Park throughout the day, including the Corky Duck Race. Our Petting Zoo is always a hit with kids who enjoy interacting with an assortment of farm animals. Watch a sheep being sheared! Have your face painted. And more.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 26th!

Make a day of it with us in beautiful historic Whitevale.

Seaton – Major Residential Draft Plans

This post lists the Major Residential Draft Plan proposals in the Seaton area.  The majority of these draft plans were approved by OMB Seaton Bylaw 7364/14.  Full details of the draft plans, including the proposed number of units, can be found here.

A map showing the draft plans can be downloaded here.

Below is a brief summary of the plans; they are listed by Owner/Applicant and include the Application Number and the Neighbourhood:

Owner: Metrus

Owner: White Sun

Owner: Lebovic

Owner: Mattamy

Owner: Infrastructure Ontario

Owner: 1133373 Ontario Inc

2018 Whitevale Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Whitevale Easter Egg hunt was again enjoyed by all. From the hand-crafted baskets to the community-made chocolate eggs, the activities spanned the entire week culminating in the big hunt at the park. The festivities started the Sunday before where the children and their parents gathered at the community centre to create their baskets – there are clearly some very creative minds developing in our village. Later in the week, folks (young and not so-young) gathered at the community centre once again to whip together a mix of butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and chocolate to create the much sought after treats. It was a terrific opportunity for the next generation to learn the traditional way to make the these old-time favourites.

Finally the day of the hunt! Although the morning was brisk, more than 50 folks participated. Held off at the starting line until given the go-ahead, the kids clamoured in excitement. Once released they scrambled through the park in the quest to find the colour coded plastic eggs, these eggs where then traded in for the coveted confection.

The tradition of memories continues….

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Whitevale Road Closed

Road ClosedWhitevale Road is closed east of the Hamlet (between Golf Club Road and Sideline 28).  Signage for detour routes have been put in place to assist commuters.  This road closure coincides with the closure of Sideline 26 north of Taunton Road.  All this is part of the major overhaul of Sideline 26 (that will become Whites Road) and construction of Seaton.

Seaton Arterial and Collector Roads Environmental Study Report (Phases 3 & 4)

The Seaton Landowners Group completed a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment Study for three City of Pickering roads located within the future Seaton Community:

  • Road I – North-South Type C Arterial (Sideline 24)
  • Road IV – East-West Special Type C Arterial
  • Road VI – East-West Employment Collector
Seaton Arterial & Collector Roads

The Class EA Study for the roads was completed in two parts:

  • Part 1: Phases 1 & 2 – Master Environmental Servicing Plan Amendment in July 2013 (MESPA)
  • Part 2: Phases 3 & 4 – Seaton Arterial and Collector Roads Environmental Study; the report and appendices can be viewed below:

Notices & PIC

Comments After Study Completion

Grapevine Gospel (Issue #1 – May 2017)


Issue #1 – May 2017

We know that Whitevalians are in love with the fact that Whitevale is a quiet, little hamlet where not much changes…it’s like we’re frozen in time. However, the development of Seaton is just around the corner and that means so much around us is going change over the next little while — no matter how we feel about it. In order to help you understand some of what you can expect, the WDRA has developed this newsletter to provide you with the most up-to-date information relating to Seaton and other changes the City is planning both within and around our hamlet.

Download this issue.

In this issue of the Grapevine Gospel:

  1. Seaton on the Horizon: What’s Happening, When and Where
  2. Tale of Two Roads: Changes to the Seaton Traffic Mitigation Plan
  3. The Long and “Bumpy” Road – That Leads to your Door (Re: Master Drainage Plan)
  4. Lighting Up the Town (Re: LED Streetlight Conversion Project)

Stay tuned for future issues…

Whitevale Easter Activities

Whitevale Easter Activities

Your WDRA invites all kids/grand-kids, young and not-so-young, to come out and enjoy the arrival of spring with several activities that will culminate in an Easter Egg hunt in the park. We’d like to see all residents get involved in this free Whitevale Community event in whatever aspect they’d like.

Here’s the line-up of activities:

Make Your Own Easter Basket
Saturday, April 8 – 9:00 am

Children are invited to make their own Easter basket at the WACC.

Chocolate Filled Easter Egg Making Workshop
Wednesday, April 12 – 7:30 pm

Learn to make Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs. Adults (and interested teenagers) are invited to an evening workshop to learn to make fondant filled Easter Eggs (both traditional and peanut butter). This evening workshop will be held at the Community Centre starting at 7:30.

Easter Egg Hunt
Friday April 14 (Good Friday) starting at 9:00 am

9:00 am – Whitevale kids will make their Easter egg hunting baskets at the Community Centre, with parental help if needed.
10:30 am -Whitevale kids will hunt for eggs and redeem them at the Community Centre for treats.

Please RSVP prior to April 8th.  All Whitevale residents are encouraged to participate.

Hop to it and sign up right away.