Master Drainage Plan – 30% Design Drawings


In 2013, the City completed their Whitevale Master Drainage Plan – Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Report.  The recommendations from the report are as follows:

Intermittent Drainage Feature – Storm Flow Diversion to Whitevale Road Storm Sewer

  • Minor re-grading of the roadside ditch on the east side of North Road to accommodate a portion of the flood flows from the catchment area to the north.
  • Construction of new driveway culverts and a new storm inlet to the Whitevale Road storm sewer.
  • Install new Whitevale Road storm sewer, with increased size to accommodate the additional peak flows from North Road.
  • Replace the existing culvert crossing at North Road in order to convey low flows to the existing drainage feature.

North Road -Resurfacing & Grading

  • Re-surface asphalt road surface in order to reduce erosion and sediment discharging to the Whitevale  Road storm sewer system
  • Carry out minor re-grading along west roadside ditch in order to re-establish proper drainage and install / replace several driveway culverts to facilitate property access

Whitevale Road (East) – Rural Reconstruction

  • Replace the existing road with a new paved rural cross-section and grass ditches, similar to the  current road width.
  • Adjust the road profile to establish proper drainage and minimize flooding of  adjacent properties.
  • Construct a new storm sewer with properly spaced ditch inlets to prevent surface  flooding and erosion.

Whitevale Road (West) – Resurfacing

  • Re-surface asphalt road surface in order to reduce erosion and sediment discharging to West Duffins Creek.
  • Carry out minor re-grading along north roadside ditch in order to re-establish proper drainage and  reduce erosion of the granular shoulder.
  • Re-instate misaligned segment of storm sewer near outfall.
  • Replace the damaged storm sewer outfall with new structure & construct additional outlet enhancements (e.g., outlet pool) in order to improve storm runoff quality and reduce erosion within the valley.
  • Remove debris blockages identified at several manhole / ditch inlet locations.

Local Residential Roads – Local Road Improvements

  • Maintain the existing unpaved rural cross-section
  • Carry out local grading works (i.e. profile, road crown, ditches, etc.) to re-establish proper drainage and minimize flooding of adjacent properties.
  • Regular maintenance.


The city has confirmed that the implementation of the Master Drainage Plan will NOT take place in 2019 despite the original plan.

The detailed design is currently at 30% completion.  The current work scope includes:

North Road

  • Reconstruct road
  • Remove sidewalk on west side
  • Remove trees on east side, including many mature trees
  • Increase size of ditch on east side

Whitevale Road (East)

  • Reconstruct road with rural section
  • Remove sidewalk on south side
  • Remove select trees on south side

Whitevale Road (West)

  • Resurface road
  • No change to current configuration (i.e. no new sidewalks, curbs or ditch configuration)

Local Residential Roads

  • No changes or resurfacing are planned for Byron, Factory, Mill, Churchwin, Gladstone and Golf Club roads

A complete set of drawings can be downloaded here.


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